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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  September 1, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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hurricane earl taking aim at the eastern seaboard. vacs will begin in parts of north carolina about 30 minutes from now. the massive hurricane could ruin millions of labor day weekend plans for many in our area. thank you for being up early with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. let's go straight over to tucker to find out more about our weather.
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>> it will be another hot one today. our highs yesterday were back in the mid-90s. we'll do it again today. temperatures outside here in washington, we're back into the summertime temperatures. 77degrees right now in downtown washington. 74 at patuxent naval air station. 68 out at dulles. 66 at fed rick. a little better here off to the north and west. winchester, 66 degrees. changes from yesterday, not much of any. we'll have sunny skies today. just a cloud or two in the forecast and a possibility that, as we get into the afternoon, our winds will shift out of the south that. will increase the humidity around here a little bit. other than that, this forecast will remain the same. off to the south and east is earl and that will start to impact our weather as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow. let's worry about today first. 95degrees your daytime high. code orange air quality today. more details on the forecast. we'll look at earl in just a minute.
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back to you. >> thank you. we do have more on earl right now with clean-up in the caribbean islands. earl is headed to the east coast. evacuations will get under way in parts of north carolina. prep rigs are under way from delaware, maryland and virginia's beaches down the eastern seaboard. laura evans has the latest developments. >> reporter: hurricane earl pushing through the area with high winds slamming the dominican republic. all is calm along the u.s. mid- atlantic beaches but that is about to change. earl is already making himself known along the coast with very rough water. in ocean city, he is churning huge riptides. >> we have a heighten awareness and should it be necessary, we'll take protective mitigation effort, actions for the city as a whole.
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>> we'll adjust the swimming regulation as cordingly. we'll limit people going into the water up to knee deep. >> reporter: the vicious riptides have already prompted hundreds of rescues. the water looks calm buts that proven to be very dangerous. one woman may have been paralyzed by the injuries she suffered. >> you feel the current. >> it was pulling me. you could feel it pulling you back into the ocean. >> hopefully, we'll be safe and sound and people will able to come down to the beach. but if necessary, i'll close my gates and put some sandbags in front of them and hope for the best. i think we'll be okay though. >> reporter: in nags head, north carolina, the coast guard is setting up a 24-hour command center, planning to patrol the entire length of the north carolina coastline. >> people need to pay attention to what is going on over the next couple of days. >> thank you so much.
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the other big story is president obama's speech announcing the end of combat operations in iraq f that speech from the oval office, the president did for the declare victory. he did say it is time to shift focus. >> ending this war is not only in iraq's interests. it is in our own. the united states has paid a huge price to put the future of iraq in the hands of its people. we have sent our young men and women to make enormous sacrifices in iraq and spent vast resource resources abroad at a time of tight budgets at home. >> there are almost other thousand troops still in iraq. montgomery county police canvassed a germantown neighborhood hoping for a tip that leads to the arrest of a man who attacked two senior women. one happened last week at a senior center. the other one two months ago in
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the woman's town home pedestrian -- bedroom in the middle of the night. if you have information, police would like you to give them a call. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. good morning to you. it is wednesday morning, the first day of september, 2010 as we get a live look over northwest washington from our tower cam. thank you so much for joining us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. tucker is in now too to bring us an update on earl as well as a look at our weather. >> good morning. let's get right to it. we'll take a look at earl and p a look at our local weather and how it might impact us. what we all need to keep an eye on is the eventual track of earl as this gets closer here because nothing is set in stone. all right. let's go to vipir and let you know maximum winds are still
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135 miles per hour. you can see the eye becoming distinct again. this is a very powerful hurricane and we've got hurricane watches now for much of north carolina stretching all the way to the virginia border. we'll see if that doesn't get extended a little further north as earl gets closer. back to washington weather, what we are looking at around here, clear skies, lots of quiet. there you go, you can see our satellite-radar. clouds well out to the west. that is our fronteddal system that will help push earl out to sea. until then, we are looking at ideal conditions around here, a lot of sunshine. these high temperatures for the start of se start of september. >> yeah. >> 95 this afternoon in washington. 97 in fredericksburg. 96 in baltimore. >> thank you. we'll check in later on about earl. we want to go to lauren demarco who is morning, guys. happy wednesday. we are halfway there.
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very light volume as you head outside. we have very nice trip around the beltway. let's start off with 95 in virginia headed northbound. in lakeshore don, still dealing with some construction there. left lane is blocked. this is the 14th street bridge. here we are also on the beltway at the american legion bridge running at speed all around town. construction has been picked up on the beltway on both the inner and outer loops in virginia and in maryland so you should find all of your lanes are open at this point running at speed. 95 southbound in virginia, we do still have construction in lorton blocking the left lane as you head south. not causing much of a problem. they will be picking that up shortly. northbound looks good. an earlier wreck southbound 95 on the ramp for prince william parkway has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. before more on hurricane earl. after barreling through the caribbean, the category four storm is now threatening to sideswipe the east coast. concern from here to the carolinas about how earl will affect labor day weekend.
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sarah simmons is joining us live from our technical operations center with the latest on earl. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: as hurricane earl gets close to the east coast, already plans are under way for a vacation island in north carolina. there are about 5,000 visitors there. they are expected to start evacuations there at about 5:00 this morning there. there can be further evacuations this morning. as for our area, emergency officials don't believe an evacuation will be necessary but the storm's path could change ever so slightly which could make a huge difference. the storm is expected to bring pounding rain, high winds and dangerous waves over the next few days. >> we have a powerful hurricane out there with 135-mile within hour winds. if that persists, it is a large
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storm. most of the time as they move north, they grow larger in area. >> reporter: earl should not be felt in the district too much but emergency preparedness officials are telling people to prepare for possible power outages and flooding. in ocean city, they are going to announce whether or not they will evacuate today. maryland emergency officials are meeting today about earl's potential brush across ocean city. this is typical a big weekend with labor day weekend. tourists come to that area. as for virginia, governor bob mcdonnell is expected to announce a state of emergency later on today for the national guard and state police to get into place an prepare for hurricane earl as it comes through. back to you. >> thank you. you can track earl 24/7 at and for information in the palm of your
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hand, download the my fox hurricane app. you can download it on itunes. our other big story is the president's speech on iraq. after seven years, more than 4,000 american deaths and a trillion dollars, president obama says america's combat role in that war is now over. he spoke for about 20 minutes last night and didn't declare victory. as fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports, the president said the troops are leaving a more stable iraq. >> i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. >> reporter: for president obama, iraq was a war he did not start but a war he vowed to end. >> operation iraqi freedom is over and the iraqi people have lead responsibility for the security of their country. >> reporter: the president said the united states hamet its goal of standing i'm more
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stable iraq. it is the iraqis themselves that must now take the lead. >> through this remarkable chapter in the history of the united states and i racks we have met our responsibilities. now, it is time to turn the page. >> reporter: premier said he culled former president george w. bush before the speech and said their debate over the course of the war mirrored the war throughout the united states. >> reporter: mull tairl, the focus now shifts to afghanistan. u.s. forces are scheduled to leave at the end of next year. >> because our drawdown in iraq being we are now able to apply the resources necessary to go on offense. >> reporter: here at home, the president says the economy suffered in part because of the war effort and now needs to be the prime focus. >> we've not done what is
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necessary to shore up the foundations of our own prosperity. we spent a trillion dollars at war often financed by borrowing from overseas. >> reporter: did the united states win the war in iraq? on that, the president seems ready to let history be the judge. >> in an age without surrender ceremonies, we must earn victory through the stress skees of -- success of our partnersant the strength of our own nation. >> the 50,000 troops in iraq now turn to training the iraqi army. the secretary of defense is in iraq this morning. robert gates met to meet with the troops as they formally shut down their combat mission. the president's attention now turns to the middle east and peace talks. he is hosting at the white house. the palestinian president already met with secretary of
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state hillary clinton yesterday. the president will meet with him and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today and will be at a dinner tonight. two seniors in our area attacked in the middle of the night. coming up next, the clue that could help police catch the suspect. new video of two men suspected of plotting a terror attack. we'll have the late coming up on fox 5 morning news.
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the street before he strikes again. >> a stranger breaking into a residence at night, sexually assaulting the female inside. that is about as dangerous a situation as you can ever really run across. >> this is a composite sketch of the man who crawled through an unlocked ground floor window to attack his victim. not exactly like the other sketch but police say that doesn't mean this isn't the same person scientist michigan prosecutor says he expects for file more charges against a suspected serial stabber. police say elias abuelazam is responsible for a series of attacks. five of the attacks in michigan were deadly. right now, he is only charged with one attack. all in virginia, a body believed to be that of a soldier has been found on fort belvoir. army officials are not releasing the soldier's name until an investigation is complete and the nan man's family has been notified. it is not clear exactly how he died. soldier's body has been
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discovered monday in a wooded area on the army post. we are getting a look at new video of two men being arrested on a plane in amsterdam. they were taken into custody on a flight from chicago after american officials found several suspicious items in their country including cell phones taped together, a phone taped to a plastic bottle, a knife and a box cutter. the men are being held on suspicion of conspiring to commit a terrorist attack. are you looking to give your children an advantage in the classroom? we'll run down best and healthiest snacks for the brain. another hot one expected around here today with high temperatures back in the mid- 90s. we are looking at earl just getting the latest information in. looks like a hurricane watch has been issued for parts of
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yet. they should mechanic their public debut in late fall. >> that's cute. >> i know. we are watching what is going on with our weather, specifically earl. >> intrust getting the latest information as we speak just moments ago. maximum winds down to 125 miles per hour. that is good. sustained winds still about 140. moving off to the north and west -- just getting the latest information as we speak just moment ago. around here, just a very mild start to the day. temperatures in the 70s. 77 right now at reagan national. so that is certainly mild for this time of year. 66 in gaithersburg. frederick, 64 degrees. in manassas, we are 64 64. we are looking at high temperatures back into the middle 90s.
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cold front out to the west. this is a big player. this will bring us cooler weather for the weekend and it will help push earl out to sea. you can see to the east of that, we have this big area of high pressure. so another railroad mild -- well, let's just call it downright hot day today with clear skies. we are not expecting much in the way of shower or thunderstorm activity anywhere near the mid-atlantic. we are not expecting much in the way of precipitation. just some cooler air. most country fairly quiet. let's get down to earl. i mentioned that maximum winds are down to 125 miles per hour but that eye kind of redeveloping overnight. so don't be surprised if it doesn't intensify again as it will be encountering some pretty warm water here over the next day or so. this will take it up the eastern seaboard and will like lie cause problems to coastal areas from the carolinas up to southern new england over the next couple of days as it continues to push off. i'll update this in just a moment. can you see there you go right up to the carolina coast.
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we have hurricane watches extended from north carolina up through virginia. so by early saturday morning, it will be off and north and east of us. but as we get into thursday afternoon, more cloud cover for the washington area and then we got to be concerned about the possibility of tropical force winds if not hurricane winds not too far from the coastline as we get into the day on friday as this storm races off to the north and east. today, just hot. 95degrees. code orange air quality. more sunshine, one more hot afternoon. tomorrow will be in the low 90s. we're generally improving temperature-wise. your five-day forecast, tomorrow, 92 degrees. overnight lows, upper 60s, near 70. more clouds on friday. that is earl passing through. it will be breezy around here during the day on friday as well. cooler weather gets here for the weekend. saturday and sunday daytime highs only in the low 80s. let's get to on-time traffic with lauren demarco. >> good morning. thins look pretty good on 95 in virginia between fredericksburg and springfield. as you head south of
4:49 am
fredericksburg, we do have a problem to talk about. here is a look around mile marker 126. can you see north and southbound, everybody is moving here. further south at mile marker 116, before a brushfire on the side of the roadway. causing a lot of commotion down there. northbound 395 across the 14th street bridge, wide open heading into the district. in maryland, southbound 270, no major problems to report. volume starting to build off and on from germantown down toward the split but you are still running at speed. we do have an accident reported in frederick southbound 15 at 26. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. we do have a travel advisory as we keep a watch on hurricane earl. aaa is warning people heading to the east coast this labor day weekend to pay close attention to the forecast. aaa says check your airline status before you leave home and check with your hotel for local weather updates and a reminder that you can stay up
4:50 am
to date on earl's track on just click on the weather tab. the computer problems at virginia's dmv continue. the thousands of people have not been able to get a license since the computer outage last wednesday. the agency says it could be out for the rest of the week. scherr -- sherry ly has the rest of the story. >> reporter: it is unusually quiet at the tysons corner dmv but that is not a good thing. for nearly a week since a computer outage, no one has been able to get a driver's license. nick silver got a permit a month ago, lost it and needs a new one, not just to drive but for work. >> i don't think i can get paid anything until i have that. because that verifies my information and everything. >> reporter: about 6500 people state-wide get their license in person each day. that is 9,000 people since the problem started, nearly enough to fill nationals park. >> every day i come here, they say the thing is down and we cannot help you. >> reporter: his brother can
4:51 am
take the test but will have to come back for a license. >> i have to take him like everywhere. >> reporter: the malfunction in the government 's data storage system has been repaired. >> dmv will not be able to process drive's license. >> reporter: the dmv is urging people to renew their license online. drivers will be able to print out a 30-day temporary license until the new license arrives minister mail. state and local police are not writing tickets for the 5,000 drivers with licenses that expire during this period. once the system is fixed, all those people would need a license will face a crush at the dmv. >> if we do reach capacity, we anticipate that some customers will have to wait outside. >> i want to beat the crowds so i will come early, quite early.
4:52 am
>> reporter: the dmv says it is prepared to do crowd control but at this point, even thursday or friday are no guarantees. >> thank you. state officials say its computer contractor will likely face a financial penalty of at least $100,000 and possibly more. local police are extending the amnesty period for drivers with expired licenses through the end of september. checking our health alert, a walk a day could help prevent cancer. british cancer researchers found 45 minutes of moderate daily exercise was effective in preventing thousands of cases of breast and bowel cancer. moderate exercise is any activity that causes the heart beat to go up a little bit and encourages deeper breathing. researcher says maintaining a healthy diet also hopes lower the risk of developing any type of cancer. eating fruits and vegetables may protect people from getting one type of lung cancer but researchers stress
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that quitting smoking will do far more to reduce that risk. they found that those would eight the greatest variety of vegetables and fruits were less likely to get cancer. do you love eating garlic but you hate garlic breath? try drinking a glass of milk. researchers say that helps get rid of that odor. they found the sulfur compounds were significantly reduced after people drank milk. they say regular milk provided better results than skim milk. most children enjoy getting a snack after school but instead of the chips and cookies, can you keach them how to make healthy food choices. we have a report. >> reporter: most kids know the foods they like. >> shrimp and calamari. >> baked crackers. >> i like all kind except for noodles. >> reporter: here at the ymca program after-school program in
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st. pete, snack time is learning time. >> do you foe those things that it is a square. i like one of those. >> reporter: when it comes to brain food, the choice was yogurt. >> to make you think better. >> reporter: the registered dietitian showed me her top brain food pick. she says yogurt is a great snack. >> i like the greek market. it is a little creamier than regular yogurt but has two to three times more perot en. >> but you need to mix it with our first footed on the list, blueberries, to make it a brain builder. >> if you have balanced food, you have a balanced brain. it will be more powerful. >> reporter: other smart food, avocados, oatmeal and beans beans or legumes. pizza didn't exactly make the cut. >> that is not junk food because it has red on it. >> i don't like fish a whole lot. >> dha has been shown to be a
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brain food. you know, it is primarily in sal machine and tuna. it is hard to get kids to eat fish but there are a lot of fortified foods. >> reporter: a good substitute like these eggs or flaxseed ground or whole. oranges not in the top ten but that didn't sway this boy. next time you go to the gallery place in china up two, you might notice a slight beeping sound. still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> i think it is annoying the i don't like it. >> i hear it. >> did you hear it? well, official are hoping annoying beeps will help keep out rowdy teenagers. we'll plain that. up next, scavenger hunt on an nfl practice field. we'll tell you what had the team in an intense search. plus an update on the
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redskins' injuries. sports coming up on the other side of the break. [ girl ] bye mom! bye sweetie! you'll do great.
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we are back now with a look at sports. it was another tough one for the nationals last night. they fell to the florida marlins in extra innings. jordan zimmerman was impressive in his start. they lost this one in 10 innings, 1-0. to the redskins now, some good news on donovan mcnabb and clinton portis. portis practiced yesterday for the first time since his sprained right ankle. did he that against the jets. mcnabb is still sidelined but no longer wearing a compression sock over his strain sprained left ankle. kyle shanahan is optimistic mcnabb will practice next week. speaking of quarterbacks, still no official word on who will start against the
4:59 am
cardinals in the pre-season finale. rex gross man stepped in last week for the injured mcnabb. this week, the skins are not tipping their hand. >> no, rex is taking reps right now but we'll see how it goes. we expect him probably to start. we don't expect him to be if long if he does. >> i'm not sure if they've made up their minds yet. you play when they tell me to. i haven't been told definitively yet and we'll see. check out what happened at the miami dolphins practice. what are these fellows looking for. several teammates who are helping defensive end kendall lankford find his nearly 2.5 time and earring. he said he forgot to take out his earrings before practice and he lost one. several teammates combed the not just one


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